SFI LOANS: Single Family Investor Loans

Where Do You Lend?

We Lend in the South and Southeast

We lend in Texas: Dallas/Fort Worth, Houston, Austin, and San Antonio.

We also lend in Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Florida

What Kind of Properties Do You Lend On?

Property Types

We make loans on single family 1-4 unit residential, non owner occupied properties.  

Do You Provide Rehab Funds?

We Provide Acquisition Funds as Well As Rehab Funds

At closing we provide 80%-90% of the purchase price (Your down payment is 10%-20 of the purchase price).  We also provide 80%-100% of the required rehab funds.  These funds are reimbursed to you as you complete milestones of the construction work.  

How Much Money Will I Need?

You will need down payment + closing costs + ongoing expenses

Down payment requirements are 10%-20% of the purchase price.  You will need to have that amount at closing.  We also provide 80%-100% of the rehab funds.  If we do not provide 100% of the rehab funds, you will need to fund the remaining rehab and any cost over runs.  You will also need to have cash to pay insurance, title expenses, lender fees, ongoing  interest payments as well as utilities and miscellaneous expenses.  A good rule of thumb is you will need 20%-25% of the total cost of the project (Purchase Price + Rehab Cost) available cash in the bank prior to buying the property.  

How Fast Can You Close?

Very Fast

Depending on the loan program and your specific needs for your deal, closing takes 3-10 days.  

What Are Your Interest Rates?

We Have Very Competitive Interest Rates

Our hard money loans have interest rates that vary from 8.75%-12%.  Rates are determined by your experience level, amount of cash you have available for down payment, your credit score, and the property.    

What Paperwork Do You Need?

We Require Minimal Paperwork

We generally do NOT need tax returns, W-2's, or paystubs.

We do need:  Purchase Contract, loan application, insurance, 2 recent bank statements, LLC formation documents (Loans cannot be in and individual's name), driver's license, and title company contact information.