Cash Flow Calculator

Thanks for you interest in our Cash Flow Calculator.  Please fill out the form below and hit submit.  We will send it to you shortly.  After hitting submit, please check your email for a confirmation.  You will need to respond to the email to receive the Calculator.

How Easy is this to use?  Input some Property Specifics

 Input the property specific information here.  If you don't intend to hold it as a rental, leave that blank.

Holding period is the number of months between the close on the purchase and the time you close on the sale or refinance.  

Fill out the details from your loan quote.  And that is it!

The Machine does the rest

It calculates your closing costs, how much you need to bring to closing, rehab hold back , and any extra rehab cash required out of your pocket.  

It calculates your monthly and total holding costs.

And it calculates closing costs when you sell the property as well as your profit, and return on investment.  

It will also compare your investment returns when you pay all cash vs. borrowing money.

You can also analyze holding the property as a rental vs selling the property.